Student Garage Parking to Be Unavailable Next Year

Photo by Artis Mooney for

There will be no parking spaces in the garage available to students next year, according to Principal Peter Balas.

Balas announced in a staff meeting yesterday that all 407 spaces in the two-story garage would be needed for staff parking in the 2018-19 school year. An audit of parking availability conducted last fall found that 377 spaces will be needed for faculty parking next year, while 16 are reserved for handicap parking. The 14 remaining spots that were neither staff nor handicap reserved–the ones that in past years have been sold to students–will now be used as extra parking for visitors.

This school year 40 garage parking spots were available for student purchase at a price of $80 each. In addition, about 150 Chinquapin circle parking spots were sold to students for $120 each. It is yet unclear whether Chinquapin parking will be available again next year.