TC Administration Conducts Parking Audit

TC students may see a reduction parking spaces in upcoming years.

By Zoe Glasser

The T.C. administration recently conducted an audit on the amount of spaces in the school parking garage in order to assess how many parking spaces should be reserved for student drivers. As of the 2017-2018 school year, there are 40 spots in the garage available to students. Next year, however, the audit projects that there will be significantly less. Out of 407 spaces in the parking lot, 16 are handicapped spaces. The remaining 391 spaces are mainly occupied by T.C. staff, including teachers and administrators, as well as those who park at campus after the 8:35 bell, such as sports coaches and credit union representatives. All circumstances considered, there are approximately 377 spaces that need to be reserved for staff. This would leave about 14 spots available for students.

As a result, students may not be able to park in the garage as soon as next school year. “I’m all about the idea of seniors having access to parking,” said T.C. Principal Peter Balas, “[but] my rising seniors need to brace for at least reduction, if not elimination, of parking in the garage.” There is a possibility that students may be limited to parking only in the Chinquapin Circle as soon as next school year.

There are currently no plans to reconstruct the garage, and the school administration has not announced any further plans concerning this topic. For now, the issue will most likely be presented to the Alexandria City School Board or other members of the local government. “I suppose we could partner with local churches [to supplement student parking], but that may become a problem when they have services,” said Balas. At this point, however, the future of student parking at T.C. remains unclear.