TC Cheer Wins Gunston District Championship

The team celebrates after winning the Gunston District. Photo by Thomas Kinder,

By Celeste Amron, Tillie Davies, and Elise Bilodeau

The T.C. Williams Varsity Cheer team won the Gunston District Championship on Tuesday, October 17. This was the first time in T.C. history that the cheer team won the District Championship. The competition was held at Hayfield Secondary School.

T.C. Cheer holds up the baner after their win. Photo by Thomas Kinder,

Leading up to the District Championship, the team won all of its regular season competitions.

Janay Campbell, the Varsity Head Coach, was named All-District Coach of the Year. Six cheerleaders from T.C. made the first string All-District Team. Freshman Raven Baker, Freshman Aniya Sterling, Sophomore Rylie Edwards, Senior Katherine Euceda, Senior Zoey Freeman and Senior Stacia Overton won the First Team All-District Awards. In the past, only one cheerleader has made the All-District Team.

Varsity Head Coach Janay Campbell wins Coach of the Year. Photo by Thomas Kinder,

Edwards said, “I’m so proud of how far we’ve come. We never thought that we’d get this far, but we proved ourselves wrong.”

The other teams at the competition were West Potomac High School, Mt. Vernon High School, Annandale High School, and Hayfield Secondary School.

T.C. ranked first, Mt. Vernon ranked second, Hayfield ranked third, West Potomac ranked fourth, and Annandale ranked fifth.