The Beet: Relocatable Classrooms Double as CIA Interrogation Centers

T.C. Williams' relocatable classrooms.

By Sam Wingfield and Griffin Harris

The portable classrooms outside of T.C. Williams, which were installed before this school year, serve as interrogation rooms for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on weekends, reports have confirmed.

CIA representatives visited T.C. in early October as part of a high school outreach program, and immediately noticed the similarity in structure between the outdoor classrooms and the dark, confined spaces often used for questioning by the most notable U.S. spy organization.

“These buildings had ‘hostile interrogation center’ written all over them,” said one representative, who wished to remain anonymous.

Sources have said that the trailers are often host to the waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and other torture practices of suspected international terrorists. The natural leakage from the ceilings assists in the water torture of suspects, while the short roofs increase their feelings of claustrophobia, said one expert in hostile interrogation methods.

“Usually by the time those guys take one look at the trailers, they’re begging to go back to Gitmo. I don’t know how students are spending 90 minutes every other day in those d— lean-tos.”