Album Review: Still Striving

A$AP Ferg's album cover (Photo Credit:

In A$AP Ferg’s latest album, Still Striving, released in August, Ferg matured 2 years after the death of his friend, ASAP Yams. In the album, he talks about his past, including many references to his family and their influence on his life. He seems to better his diction and choice of features. The album has a loosely written freestyle format with Ferg only contributing a little more than just a hook in each song.

A$AP’s family has a big influence on his music. But his taste in fashion has an even larger impact on his lyrics. There’s not one song in the album where A$AP doesn’t refer to his clothing or his origins with his fashion. He mostly raps the chorus in his songs, always referring to diamond watches, the amount of money spent to keep up with constant fashion trends, or his success. He also speaks of ASAP Yams by honoring him in the song, “Tango.” “Tango” is slower, more graceful song than most of the other tracks on the album. A$AP’s softer side is touched in “Tango.” He also raps about the passing of his father and how it still affects him and his family today. “Tango” represents how A$AP’s past sculpted him into the man he is now.