Patrick Henry Community Advisory Group Introduced

Members of the Patrick Henry Community Advisory Group were introduced to the community on Wednesday night at the December Patrick Henry Community Meeting.

The role of the Advisory Group is to relay information between civic associations and other community groups and the Design Review Team and Architectural and Engineering Firm tasked with doing the design work. This is to ensure the community has real input in the final design of both the new recreation center and school.

Selection of members of the Community Advisory Group was made with consideration given to creating a balance of views and opinions as well as a diversity of interest, background and focus among those selected. The group was selected so that members would reflect the wide variety of interests and views in the community regarding this project.

Alissa Oram and Michael Doney were selected to represent the community at large, while Kenneth Banks was selected to represent the Fox Chase community.

The remaining members were selected by their respective organizations to sit on the Advisory Group.

Liz Parker will represent Brookville-Seminary Valley Civic Association, Ricardo Roberts will represent Wakefield-Tarleton Civic Association, Mary Biegel will represent Seminary Hill Civic Association, Ben Fiore-Walker and Aaron Koch will represent Patrick Henry Elementary School PTA, Amanda Henderson will represent Patrick Henry Recreation Advisory Committee, Stephen Koenig will sit on the Advisory Group as a Member of the Planning Commission and Brian McPherson will have a seat as a Member of the Parks and Recreation Commission.

City Council Member Del Pepper and School Board Vice Chair Chris Lewis will also sit on the Advisory Group.

All Community Advisory Group meetings are open to the public. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 13 at 6 p.m. at Patrick Henry Elementary School.

For all further information and to sign up for updates, visit the Patrick Henry Project web page.

View the presentation from the Dec. 9 Community Meeting

Below, view the video of the full Dec. 9 Community Meeting

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