Talented and Gifted Plan Underway

The ACPS Talented and Gifted (TAG) Revised Local Plan will be presented to the School Board in June. The three to five-year plan, a state requirement for TAG programs, will be informed by feedback obtained through a year-long evaluation of the TAG program. The results of the evaluation were shared with the community last fall.

The evaluation yielded a roadmap for continuous progress to ensure high achievement for all students and will form the basis of an action plan for the next three to five years. Some recommendations from the evaluation will be implemented in time for the start of the school year in fall 2018.

As part of the improvement process, ACPS conducted a series of question and answer sessions with staff and the community to collect feedback following the release of the evaluation. ACPS is also establishing a steering committee to guide the update of the plan.

The steering committee will be made up of a team of highly-experienced educators and others, including: representatives from the TAG Advisory Committee (TAGAC), students services and equity, the Family and Community Engagement Center (FACE) and accountability, along with administrators, a TAG teacher, a school counselor/TAG designee, a psychologist, an English learning coordinator and a curriculum specialist.

Using feedback obtained through the evaluation, the question and answer sessions and the expertise of the group, the committee will revise the current plan leading to the creation of an improved Virginia School Board approved ACPS 2019-2023 Local Plan for the Gifted. The plan will address the program philosophy, operational definition, program goals and objectives, and processes for:

  • Identifying students
  • Delivering services to eligible students
  • Accessing curriculum and instruction
  • Providing professional development for staff
  • Ensuring equitable representation of students
  • Involving parents and the community

Beginning this month, ACPS will create a first draft of the improved local plan and review it with steering committee members. Over the next few months, the committee will continue to collect feedback from internal and external groups and incorporate that feedback into subsequent versions of the plan. A final draft of the plan is expected to be available in May for internal review and presented to the School Board in June.

Learn more about our TAG program and the screening and referral process on the ACPS website.

If you have questions about TAG as relates to your child, please contact your child’s school.