Have an Eighth-Grader with a Curious Mind? Check out the ACPS STEM Academy!

Does your eighth-grader like to:

  • Take things apart just to see how they work?
  • Investigate and resolve complex problems, especially in the company of others?
  • Get immersed in tackling real-life issues hands-on?

If this sounds like your child, then the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Academy at T.C. Williams Minnie Howard Campus may be a good fit.

Emma's Garden Project - Before

Emma’s Garden Project – Before

What is the STEM Academy?

It is a small, cohort-based learning community for students with an interest in STEM topics that is built upon student-centered, inquiry-based learning, and offers an environment that is both challenging and supportive.

In STEM classrooms, students learn in a real-world, problem-solving, project-based environment. They are immersed in the investigation of engineering and technology problems and decisions affecting local, state, national and global problems related to human sustainability through the STEM Explorations course.

Emma's Garden Project - During

Emma’s Garden Project – During

In addition, students take core classes that are taught by a collaborative team of teachers who focus on creating connections between the content areas and are studied through the lens of STEM. Through their cohort, students study math, English, history and science with a concentration on the core ACPS curriculum and on STEM-centered learning objectives. This group-oriented, rigorous model prepares students for STEM-related college courses and careers after high school.

STEM garden project after

Emma’s Garden Project – After

Interested in learning more?

For additional information, please contact the Minnie Howard Campus STEM Department Chair, Benjamin Matthews at benjamin.matthews@acps.k12.va.us.

Applications are being accepted now

The STEM Academy is accepting applications for the ninth-grade cohort through Friday, March 31. Interviews will be scheduled in April and decisions will be made in May.

Ready to apply?

Applications can be submitted online today.

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