Get Ready for SOL Testing Starting This Week

Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) testing begins this week! Over the past few weeks, schools have been engaging in activities to help students feel prepared. Some schools have held pep rallies, SOL spirit week celebrations and yoga sessions. Others have held study sessions and group activities for students who may want or need additional support.

Please be aware that this year, the testing window overlaps with Ramadan, the Muslim holy month marked by daily fasting. Testing begins May 14 and will run through June 7. Ramadan began on May 5 and runs through June 4.

Alexandria is home to hundreds of cultures, languages and many faiths, some of which have special days of observance during the school calendar year. When observance coincides with scheduled testing, schools and families should work together to make adjustments and ensure the students’ needs are met, including arranging make-up tests and scheduling first thing in the morning when fasting students have more energy. If this will impact your child, please let your principal know.

Tips for Students and Parents

Just as important as getting the mind ready is ensuring that the body is ready, too. Remind your child to:

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Eat a protein-rich breakfast
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Arrive at school on time

About the SOLs

The Virginia SOL assessments provide schools, parents and students with valuable information about a student’s content area knowledge as measured by that assessment. However, these tests are only a single measure. ACPS values the full range of competencies, academic growth and social/emotional growth displayed by students daily and throughout the school year.

Testing Schedule

Students in grades 3-12 at all ACPS schools will take the SOL Non-Writing tests by Friday, June 7. The SOL Non-Writing tests cover the general content areas of reading, mathematics, history/social studies and science. A student’s current grade level or course selection determines which SOL Non-Writing tests he or she will take.

See the 2018-19 ACPS Standardized Testing Schedule (PDF) for test dates and to see what content area tests your child will take. Additional information and parental consent forms for retakes were distributed to parents by schools.

No Electronic Devices During Testing

In accordance with ACPS and Virginia Department of Education testing regulations, students are not permitted to access cell phones or other personal electronic devices during testing and should make arrangements to secure them appropriately. Students will receive this same reminder on the day of testing. Accessing a cell phone or other personal electronic device during testing is a violation of testing regulations.

Learn more about testing at ACPS.