Missed Last Week’s Social Media Presentation?

This weekend’s social media event with West Coast expert Josh Ochs was highly successful and informative.

The event consisted of two sessions for students, one on Friday and one on Saturday, and one for parents.

The student session is now available for viewing online. The presentation makes for fascinating viewing for secondary students, who want to learn how to be responsible online and use social media wisely. ACPS will be encouraging staff at the middle schools and T.C. Williams High School to use the video to teach their students about responsible social media use.

The presentation is designed not only to keep our student body safe, but to show them how social media can be used to impress colleges and future employers. It is also designed to give parents and staff a proactive way to start a dialog with students about how they are viewed online.

Social media safety speaker Josh Ochs flew in from the West Coast specifically for this event, hosted jointly by AVID, IT and Student Services. He speaks to over 30,000 children each year across the United States, sharing with them tips they can use to create a positive online presence.

The student sessions were held for ninth-grade-students at Minnie Howard, and AVID participants. AVID students worked with the IT department ahead of the presentation to revise the ACPS recommendations on social media usage.

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