Update on Schedule Changes Due to Snow Storm

Dear ACPS Families,

Thank you for your patience over the past week while Alexandria City Public Schools, along with the rest of the region, took on the enormous undertaking of digging out and getting back to normal after the snow storm.

We understand and sympathize with those who feel that we were not in school much last week, however, the safety of our students, bus drivers, community and staff is always our first priority. ACPS was in regular contact with Alexandria City staff and we want to assure you that we worked together to get Alexandria back to normal as quickly as possible.

Due to the past week of snow closures, ACPS will be extending the end of the second quarter to the close of business on Monday, February 8. Principals and teachers are aware, and will work with students to let them know what this means for their deadlines. We want to ensure that students do not struggle with their grades as a result of the snow storm.

The Bus Barn cleans up after the storm.

ACPS Snow Make-up Days

The 2015-16 school year calendars have assigned snow make-up days to account for school days lost to inclement weather. The calendars schedule students to attend for 183 days rather than the state-mandated minimum of 180 days, so the first three days missed do not have to be made up.

As of Friday, Jan. 29, 2016, ACPS students have missed six school days. This means that traditional calendar students will now be attending school on Friday, Feb. 5 and Friday, March 4. Modified calendar students (Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School) will now attend classes on Friday, March 4 and Friday, March 18. There is no make-up day for day six.

Any further snow days would need to be made up according to the below schedule:

1-3 days: No make-up
Day 4: Make-up on Feb. 5
Day 5: Make-up on March 4

Day 6: No make-up
Day 7: Make-up on April 22
Day 8: No Make-up

1-3 days: No make-up

Day 4: Make-up on March 4
Day 5: Make-up on March 18
Day 6: No make-up
Day 7: Make-up on May 13
Day 8: No make-up

If nine or more days are missed, total instructional hours will be reviewed to determine if additional minutes need to be added, or if schools have sufficient instructional time to meet state requirements.

Please refer to the ACPS Calendars web page to view and download the 2015-16 academic calendars.

Upcoming Events

Several events that had to be canceled due to the storm this week have been rescheduled. This includes:

Thank you again for your patience while we get back to normal.


George Mason Elementary School ready for students again.
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