Virginia School Principal Appreciation Week


The Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) community benefits year-round from the leadership of our school principals, and it is a pleasure to thank and highlight them during Virginia School Principal Appreciation Week, Jan. 8-14. We appreciate how hard they work each and every school day with the best interests of our students and staff in mind. The numerous tributes, photos and videos on the ACPS Facebook and Twitter pages this week celebrate our principals and attest to their contributions and role in our community!

This week has provided us with the opportunity to shine a light on our amazing principals. For the past couple of years, our school leaders have worked to meet the social, emotional and academic learning needs of our students, while ensuring that our schools are safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They have been resilient, and continue to provide leadership and inspiration to help students and staff during these challenging times.

Our principals strive to ensure that every child is engaged in a high quality education at ACPS and are at the forefront as ACPS advances the values charted in our 2025 Strategic Plan: Equity for All, working to empower our students, families and staff to remove barriers to student achievement.

In issuing a proclamation to honor all school principals in the Commonwealth of Virginia this week, Gov. Ralph Northam said: “Principals serve as education leaders, responsible for managing the policies, regulations and procedures necessary to ensure a safe and effective learning environment for all students.”

Thank you, ACPS principals, for all you do!