Virginia Retirement System: Take Time Today to Map Your Tomorrow

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It’s never too early to put some thought into planning for your life after retirement.

Visit myVRS to view your annual statement, your member benefit profile and see projected retirement dates and benefits.

Take some time today to map your tomorrow (PDF) for a brighter financial future.

Questions about retirement benefits?

Plan 1 and Plan 2 members can meet with Derick Kirksey, Virginia Retirement Systems counselor. Make an appointment for an informative consultation session to be held on October 22 at the Sherwood Regional Library, 2501 Sherwood Hall Lane in Alexandria.

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How can you save more?

Hybrid Plan Members (anyone enrolled after January 1, 2014) will take full advantage of employer matched funds through auto-escalation. If you are not already contributing the maximum 4%, auto-escalation automatically increases your contribution to your retirement fund by 0.5% every three years until it reaches the maximum.

This escalation will be effective on the first paycheck of January 2020. Use the Hybrid Member Paycheck Calculator to visualize the impact of contributions and other deductions on your net pay. If you choose not to save more for retirement, you can opt out of auto-escalation between October 1 and December 15. You can also set your own annual increases using SmartStep.

For more information visit the Hybrid Retirement Plan website. You can also contact

Not sure which plan you’re in? See this VRS video.

Need more details? You can find them on the Human Resources pages of the ACPS website.