Help Us, Help You: Take A Three Minute Survey and Tell Us About Your Commute

- Benefits

ACPS is conducting a survey in conjunction with the City of Alexandria’s Go Alex program to learn more about how staff travel to and from work.

The 2019 Employee Commuter Survey asks questions such as: How did you travel to work? How far do you live from your place of work? How much do you pay each month to park at your worksite? 

Once the responses have been analyzed, the data will be used to shape all possible benefits such as reimbursement for commuter costs or participation in car pools, bikeshare memberships and more.

Our goal is to capture everyone’s commute and customize an improved commuter benefits program for you.

The data will allow us to focus on the easiest and quickest options, meaning less stress and less time spent traveling.

Starting October 23, take the online survey. The survey closes November 2, 2019.

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.