Don’t Forget Friday is Professional Development Day

what do you want to learn today?
- Professional Development

This Friday, March 15, is a division-wide professional learning day. What do you plan to learn? There are more than 40 courses being offered. View the courses and register on the PLMS website.

Course Highlights

Breakout EDU in the Elementary Classroom
How can I use Breakout EDU in elementary to enhance critical thinking skills? We will explore the Breakout EDU kit, lock-setting process, and identify online resources available to integrate into content areas. Participants will participate in a Breakout! PLMS #15743 

Hands-on Science with the Buddie Ford Nature Center
How can teachers utilize resources from the Buddie Ford Nature Center to customize science instruction in K-5 classrooms? Participants will take a guided tour of the inside and outside facilities of the Buddie Ford Nature Center, located next door to William Ramsay Elementary School. Jane Yeingst, Acting Director and Naturalist at the Buddie Ford Nature Center, will lead participants through a hands-on lesson after the tour. Participants will also learn about the resources and programs available and have a chance to discuss ways in which teachers and students can work with the center to customize and personalize science instruction for diverse learners in their classroom. Participants will leave with contact information on how to set up an in-class lesson at their school or field trip to the Nature Center during the 2018-19 school year. This session is appropriate for paraprofessionals. PLMS #15438 

Listening, Learning & Sharing: K-5 Literacy
How can I use the core literacy tools and best instructional practices to meet the needs of diverse learners within the ACPS Literacy Framework? This session will give participants the opportunity to collaborate with other ACPS educators as it relates to teaching, reading and writing using division-wide core tools. Educators should come prepared to listen, learn and share! PLMS #15769

Anger Management Strategies – Psychologist and Social Worker
How do school social workers and psychologists address anger outburst in schools? During this session, school social worker and psychologist teams develop competency in identifying, understanding and addressing the thoughts, feelings and behaviors associated with anger expression with the goal of improving interpersonal relationships and overall mental health. The training will also teach concrete strategies that can be used in school to address a student’s anger expression. There will be opportunities for group role playing, experimental exercises and Q&A. PLMS #15774 

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