Interim Superintendent Appoints New Chief Operating Officer

Interim Superintendent Lois F. Berlin has appointed Mignon Anthony as the new chief operating officer for ACPS.

Anthony joins ACPS from Baltimore City Public Schools where, as the executive director of the 21st Century Buildings Program, she led strategic and operations efforts to modernize the city’s aging school facilities and accommodate current teaching and learning strategies and environments. She has also served as a member of Alexandria’s Joint City-Schools Facilities Investment Task Force that was established in May to oversee the development of a joint City and Schools Capital Improvement Program.

Anthony is highly experienced in long-term educational facilities planning, extensive community engagement and creative procurement strategies. She is also experienced in managing large-scale, multi-faceted projects, including the relocation of the National Science Foundation headquarters, a 667,000 square foot, $350 million facility, from Arlington to Alexandria.

Ms. Anthony’s experience in facilitating the modernization of aging school facilities and in the long-term planning of educational facilities will be a tremendous asset to our school system as we work to address our increasing student capacity and modernization needs. As a member of the Joint City-Schools Facilities Investment Task Force, she has insight into our current challenges and is part of the team that recently presented their recommendations of priorities for the next nine years to the School Board. Her knowledge of our facilities prepares her to hit the ground running,” said Interim Superintendent Lois F. Berlin.

As director of new building projects for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives between 1999 and 2007, Anthony worked to establish public-private partnerships to support the development of their headquarters in Washington, D.C. and the national laboratory research campus in Maryland. She has also served as director of business development for Applied Research Associates where she oversaw changes to the company’s disaster management program in the federal sector.

As the chief operating officer, Anthony will ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of all operational elements and programs, including building operations and management, transportation, capital improvement, health and safety, and food and nutrition services. She will have personnel and budgetary oversight for these areas.

Anthony holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and economics from Philadelphia University and a graduate certificate in organizational change and development from American University in Washington, D.C.

Anthony will start in her new role on January 17, 2018.