ACPS Schools Recognize Veterans Day Through Reflective, Educational Activities

In honor of Veterans Day, every ACPS school held special activities to recognize U.S. military men and women. The day was not designated a day off or a holiday as there are so many other days in November when students are required not to be in school, including elections, Thanksgiving and early release for parent-teacher conferences.

Instead, Alexandria City Public Schools helped students recognize the importance of the day through reflective activities. By having students in classrooms on Veterans Day, teachers had the opportunity to reinforce its importance and honor veterans through teaching and learning.

Elementary schools hosted veterans as guest speakers, held class discussions around what it means to be a veteran and created posters for display in their hallways. They discussed what it means to be a hero as well as the origins of Veterans Day. Many schools also wrote letters to veterans expressing their thanks for their contribution to the United States.

  • John Adams students made cards for veterans and delivered them to Walter Reed Hospital.
  • Lyles-Crouch held an early morning coffee and donuts celebration of Veterans Day with local veterans.
  • Cora Kelly students wrote letters to veterans and learned about what it means to be a hero.
  • George Mason hosted veterans as guest speakers and created posters to display in hallways.
  • Charles Barrett band and orchestra classes listened to military band music and discussed the instruments used and the purposes of military music.
  • Jefferson-Houston created a Veterans Day video of staff and veteran relatives of students.
  • Douglas MacArthur led discussions about General Douglas MacArthur and his role in the military.
  • Matthew Maury students will be singing patriotic songs over the address system.
  • James K. Polk collected cards for the Wounded Warriors and students wore red, white and blue.
  • Patrick Henry students made and posted patriotic symbols around the school.
  • Mount Vernon students read passages about veterans in class all day.
  • William Ramsay students wrote thank you cards to veterans.
  • Samuel Tucker featured military veteran parents on their Tucker Today TV show.

Thank you veterans for your contribution to our country and for being a part of educating our students on Veterans Day.