T.C. Williams High School to Undergo Leadership Reorganization for 2017-18 School Year

Both the King Street and Minnie Howard campuses of T.C. Williams High School will be undergoing a reorganization of the administrative structure that will go into effect in the new school year.

The reorganization is the result of feedback from staff, teachers and students at both campuses, and affects all administrator positions at T.C. Williams except the Principal, Director of Student of Activities and Director of School Counseling.

The current structure, in which instructional and student supports are separated with different administrators responsible for each area, will be replaced with a structure where administrators are jointly responsible for both instruction and student supports.

The overall goals of the reorganization are to improve the administrator-to-student ratio and increase staff’s knowledge of and ability to address each student’s individual needs.

In the new model, all administrators will be supporting teachers and their delivery of instruction.

  • There will be one Lead Administrator for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment to support teachers in their delivery of instruction in grades nine through 12.
  • Reporting to the Lead Administrator for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment will be ten Administrators for Instruction and Student Support.
    • Two of these positions will be dedicated to the Minnie Howard campus, delivering service expertise in the critical ninth-grade year. These administrators will no longer rotate to the King Street Campus each year. Instead, ninth-grade students and staff will benefit from a specialized ninth-grade team who understand the needs of students in that critical transitional year.
    • Two of these positions will be dedicated to the International Academy, supporting English Learners.
    • The remaining six positions will be divided into smaller learning communities with each one supporting an equal number of tenth- eleventh- and twelfth-grade students who will remain with their administrator until graduation. This improves the student-to-administrator ratio to roughly 1:360 students. The ratio in the current model is one dean to each full grade level of between 750 and 1,000 students.
  • The Minnie Howard and King Street campuses will each have their own Lead Administrator for Campus Operations and Student Support. This means that each campus will have a dedicated administrator, which will enable the Lead Administrator for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment to focus on academic achievement.

The new administrative team will be announced in the coming weeks, once the transition to the new structure is underway.

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