Lyles-Crouch Honored with Core Knowledge Distinction Status

Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy has been named a School of Distinction with honors for outstanding curriculum integration and teaching practices by the Core Knowledge Foundation, in recognition of the high quality of its educational experience.

It was awarded the designation after demonstrating “outstanding content integration across the subject areas and effective teaching practices,” according to Core Knowledge facilitators.

Although many schools apply for the designation, very few receive the honor of being named Schools of Distinction. This year only seven schools across the United States received the honor alongside Lyles-Crouch.

“The Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy staff, in conjunction with its parents and community members, has worked extremely hard to get this recognition. This reinforces the fact we are an academically successful, diverse school focused on educating the whole child,” said Lyles-Crouch Principal Patricia Zissios.

To achieve this designation, Lyles-Crouch had to integrate three often unaligned requirements:  the Virginia State Standards of Learning, Alexandria City Public Schools Curriculum, and the Core Knowledge Curriculum.  Staff, students, and parents needed to demonstrate not only an understanding of Core Knowledge, but demonstrate a total integration of it across all subject and grade levels.

Lyles-Crouch was awarded the designation after demonstrating its success through a series of curriculum planning documents and undergoing a series of inspection visits by Core Knowledge experts.   Schools hoping to achieve the designation have to follow an implementation plan and professional development plan created in collaboration with the Core Knowledge Foundation. The distinction usually takes three years to complete.

“As a school division focused on high performance, I want to congratulate Lyles-Crouch for the hard work they have put into achieving this distinction,” said Superintendent Alvin L. Crawley.

The honor remains with the school for five years, after which Lyles-Crouch will have to reapply for the designation. Lyles-Crouch will now serve as a Core Knowledge visitation site for schools wanting to become Core Knowledge schools or wanting to become Schools of Distinction themselves.

A full list of Core Knowledge of Distinction Schools is available at Core Knowledge Foundation.

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