ACPS Facilities and Learning Goals on Target for First Year

ACPS met, improved upon or remained consistent across 92 percent of all targets for the Facilities and Learning Environment goals set for the first year of the ACPS 2020 Strategic Plan, according to data released on Thursday.

Key Performance Indicators showed that 50 percent of all targets were met, while performance in 42 percent of all areas was consistent with the performance of the previous year for Goal 4: Facilities and Learning Environment. Eight percent of areas declined. The results of all five years will be charted on an ACPS 2020 Dashboard.

The results indicate that ACPS is on track in its goal of fulfilling its mission of providing optimal and equitable learning environments for every student, which is a critical part of the overall mission of seeing every student succeed.

We have to remember that the physical environment of school buildings and school grounds is a key factor in the overall health and safety of students and staff members. Student achievement can be positively affected by a positive physical environment. We know that safe and clean environments are the best places to learn. Schools should be a source of pride for teachers, community members and students — and that means every student.” said Chief Operating Officer Clarence Stukes.

copy-of-img_0097The ACPS 2020 plan pledges to work for the modernization of all schools so that every student has not just a beautiful building and learning space, but optimal learning environments as well, with equal access to program opportunities.

All five targets were met around Information Technology Infrastructure as they relate to devices less than four years old, ratio of students to computers, and buildings being equipped with high speed Internet.

29560036166_35c5445755_z1Metrics where performance remained relatively constant included addressing projects or repairs beyond 30 days and a safe school environment as reported by students and faculty. The proportion of projects or repairs addressed within 30 days increased by four percentage points surpassing the target. Compliance with state-mandated safety drills was the one metric not met.

Next steps include restructuring data collection protocols to allow for more meaningful categorization of work orders leading to a faster turn-around of repairs, and the identification of schools that are not completing safety drills on time.

As part of this goal, we are working to define consistent behavioral boundaries, through the use of Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies (PBIS), peer mediation and restorative practices, and fostering clear reporting paths when students feel threatened. This is all part of ensuring our schools are safe learning environments,” said Dr. Julie Crawford, Chief of Student Services, Alternative Programs and Equity.

Five Key Performance Indicators in Goal 4 had their baselines established during 2015-16. For these specific Key Performance Indicators, the baseline results are reported out and targets have been established through 2020.

View the presentation to the School Board of the Goal 4 data.

View the Goal 4 data.

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