ACPS Schools Recognize Veterans Day Through Reflective, Educational Activities

In honor of Veterans Day, every ACPS school held special activities to recognize men and women who have served in the U.S. military. Veterans Day is not a day off for our students because of the many other days in November when students are required not to be in school, including Election Day, Thanksgiving and early release days for parent-teacher conferences.

In recognition of this important day, ACPS helped students celebrate our veterans and their service through reflective activities. By having students in classrooms on Veterans Day, teachers had the opportunity to reinforce its importance and honor veterans through teaching and learning.

Here is a roundup of the activities held at some of our schools:

  • John Adams hosted veteran speakers and three veterans from Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. They also celebrated a school secretary who is a veteran and created cards for veterans.
  • The American Legion presented at Jefferson-Houston. They also hosted members of the military for talks with students.
  • Cora Kelly students watched a Discovery Education video about the history of Veterans Day and wrote letters to Veterans thanking them for their service. Students also planted two mums plants in the habitat in honor of Veterans Day. The school also celebrated a bus driver who is a veteran. He showed the school’s safety patrols how to properly raise, lower and care for our American and state flags.
  • Lyles-Crouch had an assembly called “LCTA’s Celebration of Veterans Day” featuring LCTA parents in active and retired military service, American Legion #24 Veterans Day Essay winners and LCTA students.
  • Douglas MacArthur collected photos from students of veterans in their families. The families will be highlighted in this weekend’s MacArthur Star Notes.
  • George Mason students in engaged in a variety of activities from sending a care package of letters to Thuse Air Force Base in Greeland, to hosting a guest speaker and writing letters to veterans.
  • Matthew Maury hosted their 2nd Annual Veterans Day Panel where students sang a song and read poems/letters to veterans. Students had an opportunity for “Questions and Responses” where students asked veterans questions. Veterans were invited to have lunch with students and some will serve as “mystery readers.”
  • James K. Polk featured guest speakers and engaged in lessons supporting the understanding of the contributions of veterans.
  • William Ramsay wrote letters to deployed troops and veterans and held special Veteran’s Day read-alouds.
  • Francis C. Hammond held a Veterans’ Day assembly. See pictures and video below.
  • George Washington Middle School students learned about Honor Flights during the morning announcements and honored all G.W. veterans by reading their names. They also held discussions about people the students know who are veterans and what their service means to our country.
  • T.C. Williams gave the veterans on staff a corsage to wear all day. Principals on both campuses encouraged students to thank anyone who is wearing a corsage. This week, the choir created personalized cards to our soldiers and veterans. Minnie Howard students signed gratitude posters that were given to the school’s veterans. Last weekend a group of more than 50 student representatives hosted a dinner for 91 veterans, four of whom are more than 90 years old.

Here’s how it all came together:

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