T.C. Williams Student Credited with Saving his Neighbor’s Home

T.C. Williams High School senior Addison Guynn was presented with a Certificate of Heroism by Alexandria Fire Department this week for his bravery and quick action in preventing a major fire at his neighbor’s home.

Alexandria Fire Department Chief Robert C. Dubé surprised Addison in class on Friday and made the presentation in front of his T.C. Williams classmates.

Addison’s neighbors Steven Crossett and Rita Longhofer were asleep when a fire broke out on their deck in early Fall. Addison noticed the fire and quickly jumped into action, waking and alerting his neighbors and the Alexandria Fire Department who then helped to extinguish the 10-12 foot flames.

We count ourselves lucky to have Addison as our neighbor. Without his actions the fire would have been upon our house in minutes. Since we sleep in the upstairs, that outcome could have been catastrophic. Thank you, Addison,” Steve Crossett and Rita Longhofer said.

Crossett and Longhofer, ever thankful to Addison, approached the fire department seeking formal recognition for his actions.

As good as the Alexandria Fire Department is with our response times, having citizens such as Addison recognize when they can safely step in and help, can be a lifesaver,” said Fire Department Chief Robert Dubé.

He urges families to check their smoke detectors, make an escape plan, and learn CPR. That way everyone can assist the emergency services in their mission.

Rita Longhofer, Chief Robert Dube, Principal Jesse Dingle, Addison Guynn, Steven Crosette, Katherine Flanigan, and Robert Guynn

Rita Longhofer, Chief Robert Dube, Principal Jesse Dingle, Addison Guynn, Steven Crossett, Katherine Flanigan, and Robert Guynn

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