Schools Celebrate Spring with Strawberries and Greens from School Gardens

Elementary school students enjoyed strawberries and greens grown in their own school gardens in celebration of Strawberries and Greens Day.

Strawberries and Greens Day celebrates locally grown foods and gives students the opportunity to eat what they have grown as part of their school lunch. Students also learn about other fruits and vegetables that they can grow right in their own backyards.

Although Strawberries and Greens Day falls on June 8, elementary schools have been celebrating the day when their crops are at their peak. Spring temperatures have delayed some of the lettuce and strawberries.

Charles Barrett Elementary School, Jefferson-Houston School, Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy, Douglas MacArthur Elementary School, George Mason Elementary School, Maury Elementary School and Mount Vernon Elementary School all participated in the event. Take a look.

ACPS, Brooks, Charles Barrett, Jefferson-Houston, Lyles-Crouch, MacArthur, Mount Vernon