Don’t Forget to Register Your Child for Kindergarten Soon

Kindergarten registration for the 2016-17 school year is in full swing and all elementary schools are accepting registrations for the fall.

Please visit your neighborhood school weekdays between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to register, or call to make an appointment to register at a different time.

This year parents can also fill out registration forms online although it is still necessary to visit your neighborhood school to show proof of identification and address.

Currently, there are three options available for families to opt in to by applying for a Program Transfer:

  • Jefferson-Houston School’s K-8 Program
  • Mount Vernon Community School’s Dual Language Program/John Adams Dual Language Program
  • Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School’s Modified Calendar Program

Program options are based on capacity at these schools.

Families can also opt out of Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School and Mount Vernon Community School. Families may not opt out of John Adams Elementary School due to the availability of English language instruction. Families may not opt-out of Jefferson-Houston School at K-5, but may opt out of Jefferson-Houston School at middle school.

If the number of students registered at Tucker exceeds the number of spaces by June 1, a lottery will be held for all prospective kindergartners registered by that date. Siblings of current students will be registered automatically at Tucker unless they choose to opt out.

Families who opt out of Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School or Mount Vernon Community School will be placed in another school based on capacity and proximity to the student’s home.

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