ACPS Picks up Top Awards at Regional Science Fair

ACPS has picked up a slew of top awards at the Northern Virginia Regional Science and Engineering Fair, taking home the Grand Prize Alternate Award, Best of Grades 7 and 8 and four nominations for the 2016 Broadcom Masters.

Ten students from T.C. Williams High School and George Washington Middle School won first place awards, while three T.C. Williams students were recommended to move on to the Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair.


Kalista Diamantopoulos

Ana Humphrey took the Grand Alternate Prize for her project, ‘ColiFind: A Digital Image Analysis Application to Identify Escherichia coli Colonies in Coliscan Easygel Tests’.

Brothers Townson and Emmett Cocke took the Best of Fair prize for grades and 8 for their project ‘The Effect of Tubercle Amplitude and Wavelength on Fin Drag’.

Kalista Diamantopoulos, whose project was about how the preservation of peas affects the nutrients they contain, Sarah Golemon-Mercer whose project was ‘The Effects of Point Shoes on the Developing Adolescent Foot?’ and Ana Humphrey were recommended to move on to the Virginia State Fair 2016.


Sarah Golemon-Mercer

The Broadcom Masters Nominees were Kate Casper, Mia Humphrey, Maria Lyons, and Townson and Emmett Cocke all from George Washington Middle School.

View the full list of award winners.

ACPS, Alexandria City High School, George Washington