New ACPS COVID-19 Dashboard and Additional Updates

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New ACPS COVID-19 Dashboard
ACPS has launched a new COVID-19 dashboard that will be updated in real-time as cases and close-contacts are identified. This replaces the dashboard that was updated once-a-week on Mondays.

The new ACPS COVID-19 Dashboard has data that is effective as of Dec. 1, 2021, and shows total cases and close contacts as well as separate counts for staff and students. Further, totals are available for each school, as well as counts for the last seven or 30 days.

Cases listed may include students, staff, parents and community partner programs located in ACPS school buildings. The cases reported may also include non-ACPS individuals involved in ACPS activities and athletics. During time periods where there are high numbers of cases, the identification of close contacts may not be possible in all cases due to volume. All close contacts are not reflected in these data during a surge in cases.

ACPS will continue to communicate new case information to close contacts and others in the school community as needed. Beginning Monday, Jan. 31, 2022, ACPS will no longer send out daily general notification letters to school communities regarding new cases. Instead, staff, students, parents or guardians and community members are encouraged to check the ACPS COVID-19 dashboard to determine if any new cases have been added each day. The new ACPS COVID-19 dashboard can be found at

COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster Information: Students and Staff
ACPS continues to encourage families to share their students’ COVID-19 vaccination information through our secure ACPS Student COVID-19 Vaccine Documentation Form.

The form has been updated to now accept COVID-19 booster information. Families who have already submitted their child’s COVID-19 vaccination information may click on the link to the form to submit their child’s booster shot data. Additionally, families who have not yet submitted their child’s COVID-19 vaccination information through the secure form are encouraged to do so. The sharing of this information is voluntary and assists ACPS with contact-tracing and close-contact communication.

ACPS staff are encouraged to receive their free COVID-19 booster if eligible. The Alexandria Health Department continues to provide opportunities at their vaccination website.