Meet the ACPS Parent Liaisons

Parent liaisons play a key role in helping ACPS create a welcoming environment for all families. They are responsible for developing relationships that foster trust between families and the school to support successful academic and social-emotional development for students. The school division is fortunate to have 10 school-based parent liaisons and three division-wide parent liaisons, specializing in Spanish, Amharic and Arabic. 

“The Family Engagement team is building a  familys’ knowledge and skills while honoring their strengths and contributions. For this work, our parent liaisons are key,” said Family and Community Engagement Manager Krishna Leyva.

Parent liaisons and Family Engagement staff who work in schools and in the community serve in many different capacities:

  • At Mount Vernon Community School, Ms. Landeros will be hosting a meeting outside the school to help parents sign up for PowerSchool.
  • On a Monday afternoon, Ms. Nassiba will be hosting a series of workshops for Arabic-speaking families about how to best connect families to school resources. 
  • Mr. Tesfaye will be assisting a family from Ethiopia to learn about high school counselors and connect them to the College and Career Center.
  • At John Adams Elementary School, Ms. Menacho will be connecting a parent with resources to support reading at home.
  • Ms. Artea will be welcoming a family who recently moved from another state and will help them access Special Education services. 
  • Ms. Sadie will be connecting a PTA member with parents in the Arlandria neighborhood.
  • At Cora Kelly School for Math, Science and Technology, Ms. Silvia will be working with the Literacy Coach to organize a Virtual Family Literacy night where families can learn about reading strategies.
  • Ms. Angela will be connecting community members with existing volunteer opportunities.
  • Ms. Adriana will be organizing Coffee with the Principal that focuses on how to prepare for a successful Parent-Teacher conference.
  • On Wednesday afternoon, Ms. Brittany will be working with families on how to obtain after-school support for their children.
  • At Alexandria City High School, Ms. Ana Bonilla will be coordinating a virtual workshop for families about achieving academic success for students in English and Spanish.

“It is an honor to work for a school division that is committed to family engagement and understands the importance of working with families as partners to support academic achievement for all our students,” added Leyva.

Parent liaisons are invaluable to ACPS schools, families and the community. Parent liaisons serve as the bridge between schools and families and help ensure families have the necessary resources to support students at home. 

“We want to thank our parent liaisons and take Family Engagement Month as an opportunity to recognize the valuable work they do. We appreciate the skills and experience they bring to helping families support their students’ education and growth,” said Chief of School and Community Relations Julia Burgos.