Celebrate the Top ACPS Moments of 2018 With Us

As the year draws to a close, we take a look at some of the memorable moments at our schools and division in 2018. #ACPSmomentsof2018

…When we held the biggest celebration of the year:

…When we kicked off spring with snow:

…When we said ‘Welcome back!’

…When we launched a whole new vision for the future:

…When we lauded our most ambitious achievers:

…When we celebrated our beautiful diversity:

…When we started a new legacy by remembering our past:

…When we learned from our students:

…When we were inspired by the dedication of our teachers:

…When we opened our SECOND new school of the year:

…When we honored our athletes of years past…

…and rooted for our athletes of the past year:

…When we strengthened our team by giving joy to our students:

…When we opened new opportunities for our students to succeed:

…When we kicked off the holiday season:

…When we ended the year with a ‘thank you’ to our community:

We wish you a happy 2019!

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