Did You Catch Some of Our Favorites Aboard “The ACPS Express” at this Saturday’s Scottish Walk?

The rain didn’t dampen any spirits at Saturday’s 48th Annual Scottish Christmas Walk Parade. Among the walkers were some familiar faces. Did you recognize them?

Did you spot legendary T.C. Williams math teacher Mr. Kokonis peaking out from the passenger-side window of The ACPS Express with T.C. Williams Principal Peter Balas behind the wheel? Being in the parade procession was a first for Mr. Kokonis, who has been an Alexandria resident for six decades.

Superintendent Hutchings with Lou Kokonis and Pete Balas

I decided to come this year because I was invited, and I got a ride!” — Lou Kokonis, T.C. Williams teacher recently featured in Six Decades of Math and Chalkdust.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr. and his son, Gregory III, along with current and incoming School Board members, led the way for a stream of ACPS students and families from schools across the division who traded turns carrying the ACPS Every Student Succeeds banner and tossing treats to young ones lining the streets, hoping to catch a candy.

T.C. Williams Senior Hannah Yee was among the mass of T.C. JROTC members who could be heard long before they were seen as they rallied the crowd with soulful chants repeated by the JROTC as they march in formation and echoed by the onlookers filling the sidewalks.

Hannah Yee with JROTC

T.C. Williams JROTC

I love getting the crowd going with a cadence calling — when we call chants and they repeat after us in a loud roar. It really gets them going. Getting the crowd involved and seeing them watch and smile at us really is what really motivates us” — Hannah Yee, T.C. Williams Senior recently featured in VOICES: Creating Leaders Through Military Discipline

Noah, GW seventh grader

Noah, seventh grader at George Washington Middle School

I think the Scottish bag pipes are pretty cool, to be honest!” — Noah, seventh grader at George Washington Middle School

T.C. Williams Rugby Players

T.C. Williams Rugby Players

The parade is really cool. I like how everyone is dressed up. I see a lot of dogs. It’s so cute! I’m looking forward to passing the ball to little kids and seeing their faces.” — Erica, T.C. Williams freshman rugby player

We’re here to represent T.C. Rugby and want people to know that we have a great rugby team. The parade has a great turnout and everyone is having a good time.” — Ayne, T.C. Williams freshman rugby player

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