TC Honors Pro Documentary Creators

TV/Media Production Students Win Honorable Mentions in National Documentary Competition

Abigail St. Jean and Bridgette Adu-Wadier

Rep. Don Beyer congratulates the students at the ceremony.

The TV channel C-SPAN held a student-led documentary competition, called StudentCAM, to initiate growing interests in TV media production journalism and to celebrate students’ TV media skills. This year’s theme was “What Does It Mean to be American?” Students were prompted to create a six to seven minute documentary analyzing the topic.

Winning documentaries were picked out of the 2,923 submissions to the competition. This year two out of the 150 honorable mentions were teams from T.C. “Pressing for Freedom” by T.C. junior Karina Solorzano, sophomore Ben Janusz and senior Jayson Makori tackles media literacy and press freedom. “Chasing the American Dream: A Nation Built by Diversity” by juniors Angelina Hunt and Charlotte Despard analyzes immigration policy issues and diversity.