Science Fair In Review

Kate Casper

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The T.C. Williams cafeteria is packed with students, ranging from seventh graders to seniors; colorful tri-fold boards fill the room; students are talking to judges, discussing real-world issues facing our community…This, is science fair.

On January 24, the ACPS city-wide science fair was held. While several students dread science fair, attendees were enthusiastic about their projects.

Hudson Weintritt, a seventh grader from George Washington Middle School tested the Potomac River water for his science fair topic. He said, “I am passionate about this topic because this is a really local [issue]. I do not want to wake up every morning and see the river [full of] trash….This project can help raise awareness.”

Senior Tessa Naughton-Rockwell said, “I really like science fair…It is so rewarding because you get to go and talk to people about your science fair. My project is about bees, and bees are facing a lot of issues in the environment right now, and I think it is really important that we spread [awareness].” Naughton-Rockwell said that science fair helps the community to get more involved and become more knowledgeable regarding the problems facing Alexandria and the wider world.

T.C. sophomore Katherine Donnellan did a project on separating microplastics from water. “I have always been interested in microplastics and finding solutions for the amount of plastic pollution in our ecosystem,” said Donnellan.

Senior Maame Osei-Bondi said that “Science fair helps with public speaking.” She said being able to talk to people and communicate ideas effectively can help prepare her for her future, as she is planning on becoming a lawyer.

While to many, science fair does not ring a positive connotation, students from schools across the area are getting involved in the community and putting the scientific method into action.