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    Pep Rally Cheers: Are They Offensive?

    Regina Allen Pep rallies are a way to show school spirit, and cheers at the pep rally are just another way to easily get students involved.  Some believe that the cheers are offensive. One cheer, in particular, is viewed as offensive. The cheer starts with the senior class chanting “babies” at the freshmen and sophomores. Then, in retaliation, the “babies” chant “NOVA!” (Referring to Northern Virginia Community College) at the seniors, who are awaiting college acceptance letters. Many believe it is is all in good fun. The chanting sparks some friendly competition between classes as they transition into the relay races and tug-of-war portion of the pep rally. However, others…

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    Valedictorians and Their Discontents

    For most high school seniors, graduation can not come quickly enough. But once inside that crowded, hot auditorium, it does not pass quickly enough. The sheer length of graduation is inevitable—almost 850 students must cross the stage—but there is one problem that is in the school’s power to address.

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    Staircase Traffic

    For many of the past years T.C. has been over capacity, but this information is not new. Especially, since the start of the 2018-19 school year, the hallways have seemed especially crowded. The six minute passing time between each period has gone from a pleasure to a hassle due to the increasingly large classes entering the T.C. Williams main campus.

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    Does TC Need Pep Rallies?

    At the height of spirit week, the annual pep rallies are events that many T.C. students look forward to. The loud, passionate expression of school spirit attract a large portion of students. However, as the number of rallies during the school day dwindle, there are still a few requests that have yet to be met.

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    APES is NOT the Easy AP

    Advanced Placement Environmental Science is often discredited. Viewed as the “easy AP science,” the APES course is a double block, making it a lot of work. The AP test consists of 100 multiple choice questions completed in 1 hour 30 minutes and 4 free response questions in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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    Who’s Got the Power?

    TC Williams High School advertises themselves as an environmentally green school, with automatic sinks in the bathrooms, using little to no water for flushing toilets, and a green roof containing a water cistern to reuse rainwater.

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    Dwindling Student Parking

    With a growing student body of nearly 4,000, the 175 official student parking spaces offered in Chinquapin circle this year barely hold up. The parking passes that allow students to park in the circle are property of the City of Alexandria, not of T.C. Williams, and cost $120 for the school year.