Austrian Students Visit TC

Abigail St. Jean and Regina Allen

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Seventeen Austrian students visited T.C. on from Spittal, a small town in Carinthia, Austria located 40 km from the border of Italy. The town is less diverse and more isolated than Alexandria. The students stayed in the US for three weeks and visited Alexandria before spending the remainder of their time at a school in Texas. This is the tenth time students from the Bundesrealgymnasium (BRG) school have visited T.C. and German Teacher Adam Levine hopes to host the students again in years to come. He likes to help people learn about different cultures, and encourages people to explore different ways of life. Lisa, one of the Austrian student participating in the exchange, described T.C. as, “Very beautiful, big and the people are very friendly”. Other students described T.C. as very different from their home. Most Austrian students participated in the trip to work on their “language exchange’’ and to experience American culture.