Worth A Listen: DJ H3nry Thr!ll

DJ H3nry Thr!ll performs at a club in DC.

By Tillie Davies and Kristy Kocot

T.C. Williams just might have an up and coming celebrity in its midst. Henry Wiedemer, a freshman here, also known as ‘DJ H3nry Thr!ll’. Wiedemer has been a DJ for 3 years and has been producing music for about 6 years.

Wiedemer has a style of music similar to DJs such as Knife Party, Martin Garrix, and ODESZA. If one listens to these artists, they will enjoy DJ H3nry Thr!ll’s high energy, progressive house and future house music.

At only 15 years old, this young artist produces all of his own songs. His music can be found on Spotify, where he has about 10 songs, and SoundCloud, where he has 20 songs. On both SoundCloud and Spotify his username is ‘H3nry Thr!ll’.

He can also be found on his website, henrythrill.com. On this website you can find announcements about his newest songs, listen to his music, look at pictures and videos, and purchase merchandise.

Wiedemer has performed multiple times in Washington DC, including the Eden Lounge in September and the Pride Festival in June. There are more performances to come. “We’re in the process of getting another show in DC,” said Wiedemer.

Wiedemer has always been interested in the career of producing music. Although he has been working with music since he was 9 years old, Wiedemer knows there is still much to learn and many opportunities for him in the future. “[The music industry] is interesting and I want to get into it more,” said Wiedemer.

The music industry is very competitive and takes a hardworking person to pursue in the career. Wiedemer is confident that he can make it to the top and have fun while he follows his dreams. Wiedemer can’t wait to see what the future holds and is happy to have his TC Williams community supporting him along the way.