Photo Essay: Volleyball Season and Senior Night

TC volleyball after winning a point (All photos by TC volleyball friends and family).

Senior Brittany Shelley starts a point with a serve.

From top left, clockwise: Seniors Lila Griener, Brittany Shelley, Emilia Toledo, Emma Yowell, Madeline Gyllenhoff, and Ellie Bernstein.

Senior Emma Yowell winds up to spike the ball.

Madeline Gyllenhoff with her family on Senior Night.

Brittany Shelley with her parents on Senior Night.

Emilia Toledo and her family celebrate Senior Night.

Ellie Bernstein and her family during Senior Night.

Emma Yowell with her family during the Senior Night ceremony.

Lila Greiner and her family on Senior Night.

From left: Seniors Madeline Gyllenhoff, Emma Yowell, and junior Addison Waller get ready for the next point.

Senior Emma Yowell hits the ball over the net.

Players celebrate after winning a point.