Aminé Concert Review

Aminé performing in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. was the fifth stop on the east coast during Aminé’s tour. The concert performed by Aminé, and his opening act Towkio, was on Thursday, October 26 in Northwest D.C. at the Howard Theater.

When the concert began, Towkio confidently took the stage. He spoke of his Chicago roots and his collaborations with big name artist, Chance the Rapper. His music is all about being positive and being blessed each day. He performed multiple songs from his album released back in 2016. Towkio also gave fans a preview of his upcoming album by performing his well-known song, Drift. It seemed as if Towkio was stalling at the end of his act since he was just speaking of his life. He insisted his friends to join him on the stage and spray the crowd with bottles of water. He ended his performance telling people how big he’s going to become and they should take notice.

Since the venue was a small theater, the general admission area was more like a mosh pit. Everyone of Aminé’s fans were wearing yellow in pride of the Portland born rapper. The wait for Aminé to take the stage seemed never-ending. The lights all turned yellow for Aminé’s performance to start. He took the stage with a less popular song, Baba, to get the crowd slowly into it. Aminé played all of his songs in his album, Good For You, that released earlier in the summer. He seemed to wait until the end of the concert to perform his more popular songs. The crowd was waiting in anticipation for Aminé to play his most popular song, Caroline. The Howard Theater was the perfect venue for Aminé to perform at in D.C. because he’s currently not the most popular artist  and the setting was a great chance for him to interact with all of his fans. Aminé had smooth transitions from song to song using, making the fans ready for more. Aminé demonstrated his comedic side when he decided to play Wannabe, by the Spice Girls, after singing his own song, Spice Girl.