Movie Review: It

"It" movie poster (Photo by: IBTimes)

On September 8, the recreation of It was released, offering a surprising fusion of horror and comedy. It follows a group of six pre-teen boys and one girl dubbed “The Losers Club” and their attempt to survive the murders of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. In their town of Derry, Maine, an ancient evil awakens every 27 years to feed off the fear of young Derry residents. The clown, who the children refer to as “It”, prefers his victims to be children as their fears are able to interpret physically. It feeds on his victims during their peak fear because he believes fear makes his victims taste better.

This evil entity, who is mainly portrayed in the form of Pennywise, can morph into the greatest fear of his victim, and terrorize them before feeding on them. Pennywise torments the Losers throughout the film as they try to defeat him.

It perfectly brings in the Halloween season and will entertain you in theaters and make you check your closet for Pennywise before going to bed. Unlike the usual horror movies, It involves a unique plot, interesting backstory and minimal jumpscares. This film introduces a wide-array of likeable characters with “The Losers Club,” seven kids with diverse traits that blend together to make a quippy, yet mature group.

The film is like the 1986 teen film Stand By Me, only with a murdering clown on the kids’ tail. The banter between the kids was one of the funniest parts of the movie, creating light moments even in the overwhelmingly darkness of the movie.

Rating: ★★★★★/5.