Free DASH Bus Rides for TC Students

The DASH bus has become a consistent mode of transportation for many T.C. students.

This school year ACPS and DASH bus have come together for a pilot program that gives students the opportunity to ride DASH bus for free. This is available to students who go to TC Williams, Minnie Howard, and Satellite Campuses of ACPS.

According to, Josh Baker, CEO & General Manager of DASH said “This new program provides T.C. Williams students with the opportunity to travel around Alexandria in a safe, convenient and reliable manner. The program gives students the independence that they desire while providing an early opportunity to learn about the benefits of public transportation. We are hopeful that this pilot will set the foundation to build future transportation options for all students in Alexandria.”

This program starts on September 25, 2017 and will end on June 20, 2018. Bus stop number four on route to landmark mall is outside the school TC Williams. This bus departs from King Street starting at 5:50 a.m. The last bus departs at 10:33 p.m. This opportunity is available for any ride with DASH bus. In order to take part in this, students must present a student ID when boarding the bus. The fare for DASH bus is normally one dollar and 60 cents. This can add up quickly if one rides DASH bus often. When riding a DASH bus one may get the bus driver to put one’s bike on the front of the bus at no extra cost.

According to the ACPS website, Interim Superintendent Dr. Lois F. Berlin said “This new program is a terrific demonstration of how community partnerships benefit our community as a whole. This program will provide a valued service to our students and families, some of whom face significant transportation challenges in navigating between home, school, extracurricular activities and work.”