Heart of Lightness: A Photo Collection from the Amazon

Sebastian Ochoa, leader of the Maijuna. (Photo: Brian Griffiths)

Photos from Theogony editors Griffin Harris and Sam Wingfield’s trip to the Sucusari River basin in the Peruvian Amazon, where they worked with George Mason University and a local indigenous tribe. Their essay detailing the trip is published on Theogony here. All photos by Brian Griffiths.

A man plants rice on a seasonal island in the Napo River.

A starry night as seen from the Sucusari River.

Victornio Rios Torres, Maijuna hunter, paddles a dugout canoe on the Sucusari River.

A Maijuna child plays in the mud.

A bonfire on a seasonal island on the Napo River.

Torres talks about the medicinal use of jungle plants.

A monkey peeks out from a banana bunch.

An Amazonian sunset.

Telmo Sangama, Maijuna grower.

Sebastian Ochoa, leader of the Maijuna, speaks to George Mason students.