New Vision for T.C. Athletics and Activities

The Department of Athletics and Student Activities at T.C. Williams High School is getting a new vision as part of a focus on enhancing the services it provides for students.

The leadership of the department is being expanded and enhanced to focus on growing opportunities in line with the strategic goals of the high school and the school division. The new structure aims to support the department in creating ongoing partnerships and increased athletic and extracurricular activities to further boost T.C.’s reputation for supporting top-tier athletes and offering one-of-a-kind opportunities.

Student athletics and activities are an integral part of a well-rounded secondary school experience. At the helm of the office will be a director of athletics and student activities, who will be responsible for developing a vision for the department that is aligned with the ACPS 2020 Health and Wellness Goal. The director will collaboratively develop a strategic plan for the future of T.C. with goals and benchmarks that will be communicated to stakeholders.

This position will now be supported by an assistant director: operations, who will be responsible for the daily workings of student athletics to ensure all events, teams and competitions are fully supported, and a coordinator of strategic outreach, who will support the director in creating new opportunities and partnerships and to enhance public relations around daily activities and events.

As our student population continues to grow, so too do our programs and the complexities involved in running an expansive and comprehensive athletics program and student activities. Our goal is to see T.C. become a flagship school for opportunities and partnerships on and off the field,” said T.C. Principal Peter Balas.

What do these changes mean for our students?

  • A more seamless transition from city-based and other recreational sports to high school athletics
  • Increased levels of efficiency and communication for students and their families
  • More opportunities for students as more partnerships are developed
  • Pathways for students to connect with others who share their interests. For example, if students cannot find an after-school program for their particular interest or hobby, they can team up with an ACPS staff member as a sponsor to launch it.
  • Dedication to ensuring student health and wellness through well-rounded student experiences that include access to opportunities to grow their bodies and their minds

Recruitment for these new roles is currently underway!

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