Thinking About Getting Involved in Upcoming Elections? Here is Guidance on How ACPS Operates at Election Time

As campaign season is gearing up and candidates have begun declaring their intention to run, ACPS offers the following guidance about how ACPS operates during elections.

Elections for statewide and local elected offices, including the Alexandria City School Board, will be held this November 6. In addition, a Democratic Party Primary for Mayor and City Council, as well as a Republican Party Primary for U.S. Senate will be held on June 12. In-person absentee voting for the June primaries has already begun.

Whether you are a candidate for office, someone who is supporting or promoting a candidate running for office, or involved in a candidate’s campaign in any way, please note the following:

  • ACPS does not support, endorse, or oppose any candidate, campaign,  position or party.
  • ACPS should not be tagged in social media posts or included in other media in ways that suggest support, endorsement or opposition to a candidate, campaign or position. In addition,  please do not use ACPS students to imply endorsement.
  • ACPS works to ensure that no public funds are used to support any candidate for public office; and that the public is not given the false impression that the school division supports or opposes any political candidate or party.
  • Candidate forums, debates or related campaign events held in ACPS buildings do not represent an endorsement of any candidate, campaign, or position…

If you are a candidate or are considering running, please note:

  • Once an individual has publicly declared themself a candidate in any way, they are considered an official candidate for policy purposes regardless of whether or not the official paperwork has been filed.
  • Candidates for election to the School Board should not use school division equipment, facilities, logos, stationery, or school division events at which they are official participants in support of their campaigns.
  • Candidates should not use school division staff members to perform work in support of their campaigns unless an employee volunteers to perform such work outside of regular work hours.
  • Candidates may not promote themselves or their campaign on any of ACPS’ media platforms.

On Tuesday, May 29,  Interim Superintendent Lois F. Berlin will host an information session for School Board candidates and those considering running for the School Board. If you are running or considering doing so, please plan to attend. The information session will be held at 7:00 p.m. in the Rotunda at T.C. Williams High School.

Should you have any questions regarding this guidance or ACPS policies concerning political campaigns, please contact Helen Lloyd, Director of Communications, at 703-619-8009, or Jennifer Abbruzzese, Clerk of the Board & Policy Liaison, at 703-619-8314.

For the complete text of ACPS policies concerning political campaigns, please see:  

  • Distribution of Information/Materials (Policy KF) 
  • Staff Participation in Political Activities and School Board Election Campaigns (Policy GBG/KE)

All School Board policies may be found on the ACPS website

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