It’s Budget Time!

The School Board held its Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Public Hearing on Thursday. Speakers put forward their requests for the CIP budget, which will be approved by the School Board on December 17.

T.C. Williams High School junior and President of the Environmental Action Club Amanda Eisenhour asked the School Board to consider replacing the Halogen lights in the T.C. Williams gym with a new energy efficient lighting system. The current system takes a long time to light up and has a high wattage. She stressed that although the initial investment would be high, the return on the investment would only be four years.

Sandra Strachan-Viera, Chair of the Special Education Advisory Committee, requested that the School Board recognize the importance of adding new buses to ease transportation issues and restore the Life Skills classroom at T.C. Williams, which helps students with disabilities learn every day skills such as kitchen skills.

You can have your say on the budget at the Budget Community Forum on December 15 at 7 p.m. at George Washington Middle School in the media center/library. This is primarily a budget forum, but there will be a brief update of the redistricting process at the start of the meeting. Everyone is welcome.

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