Video: Learn About the Six Goals of ACPS

The ACPS 2020 Strategic Plan is our roadmap for Alexandria City Public Schools for 2015-2020. It will guide everything that we do as a school division. We want all our ACPS staff, students, families and wider Alexandria community to be a part of this. The strategic plan only comes to life if we all take it on!

The main mission of ACPS 2020 is that Every Student Succeeds. Learn more about each of the six goals of ACPS 2020 in the videos below.


ACPS 2020: Every Student Succeeds
ACPS 2020: Goal 1 – Academic Excellence and Educational Equity
ACPS 2020: Goal 2 – Family and Community Engagement
ACPS 2020: Goal 3 – An Exemplary Staff
ACPS 2020: Goal 4 – Facilities and Learning Environment
ACPS 2020: Goal 5 – Health and Wellness
ACPS 2020: Goal 6 – Effective and Efficient Operations


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