Alexandria Sportsman’s Club Brings Success to T.C. Williams Titans

Six T.C. Williams High School student athletes have been named Athletes of the Year by the Alexandria Sportsman’s Club.

Cailyn Lager (Gymnastics), Bella Ponzi (Girls Soccer), Asher Elkins (Boys Crew), Reed Kenny (Girls Crew), Trinity Palacio (Girls Basketball), Jack Mackey (Boys Cross Country) were appointed by Alexandria Sportsman’s Club Committee for 2017 Athletes of the Year. Also, T.C. Williams Girls Basketball Coach Keesha Walton was named Coach of the Year.

Head Coach Keesha Walton stated that she was surprised but honored to be named Coach of the Year. Walton believes she received this title because of the dedication each player exemplified throughout the season. Walton also led her team to success at the Patriot District tournament, where sophomore Trinity Palacio won MVP twice. In addition, each player’s commitment to the program allowed the team to go undefeated this year.

Each student worked extremely hard throughout the school year in order to achieve their goals. Their commitment to the program is the reason why I was recognized as Coach of the Year,” said Coach Walton.

T.C. Williams High School senior Jack Mackey made cross country history and received athlete of the year by the Alexandria Sportsman’s Club. Mackey became the first Titan runner to win a district title or conference in the Patriot Conference meeting located in Burke Lake, VA. During this race he made a time of 15:12 on the 5,000-meter course.

Cailyn Lager is a senior on the Gymnastics team who was the only gymnast to qualify for regionals. Lager will continue her education at James Madison University.

Asher Elkins is a senior athlete on the Boys Crew team at T.C. Williams. Post-graduation, Elkins will be attending the Naval Academy.

Reed Kenny is a senior at T.C. Williams who is an athlete on the Girls Crew Team. Kenny was a Medalist at the Stotesbury, and attended Nationals and Canadian Nationals. In addition, Kenny will continue her education at Duke University.

In addition to the athletic awards, Alexandria Sportsman’s Club Scholarship Committee gave out a total of 12 scholarships; half of those students are from T.C. Williams High School. Each student has received a one-time, $2,000.00 scholarship, which will provide them with support during their first year in college. The following six athletes are the 2017 Award Winners for ASC’S Scholarship: Anissa Ashraf, Nathaniel Ray, Patrick Clark, Teyan Williams, Matt Sloan, and Sam Zang.

Alexandria Sportsman’s Club sole purpose is to support local high school athletics and to recognize the achievements of young athletes on the field and in the classroom.

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