School Board Debates How to Close $2.1 million Budget Gap

The School Board discussed how to close the $2.1 million gap in the Operating Budget at the School Board’s budget add/delete work session on Thursday evening.

After hearing the Superintendent’s recommended reductions, the School Board made it clear that they want to include the full step increase for staff effective July 1 in the Operating Budget for FY 2018. Staff will now engage in the process to determine future reductions in order to fulfill this goal.

ACPS was left with a $2.1 million gap after the City Council approved the budget last week.

The School Board’s suggested add/deletes will be published on Tuesday.

The School Board also discussed how to balance the Capital Improvement Program budget. Last week, the City Council approved a Capital Improvement Program allocation of $19 million for FY 2018. This FY 2018 allocation was reduced by $13.5 million from the previous City Council Approved Capital Improvement Program. In order to keep pace with growing enrollment and capacity needs, the Superintendent is proposing that $1.3 million of the FY 2018 budget be allocated to relocatables at the high school and middle schools.

As part of his proposal the Superintendent included $8 million for land acquisition in FY 2018. However, School Board members questioned whether this was sufficient to purchase the land that would be necessary for a school or swing space in Alexandria.

A Task Force has been developed by the City to develop and review ongoing City and Schools Capital Improvement Program projects.

There are two more add/delete sessions on May 18 and May 23, both at 7 p.m. in the School Board meeting room at Central Office, 1340 Braddock Place. All meetings are open to the public.

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