Redistricting Implementation Plan Presented to the School Board

A plan for implementing the new school boundaries was presented to the School Board on Thursday, April 6.

The plan aims to ensure a smooth transition for students who are required to move with the boundary changes in fall 2018 and ensure that all of those who are affected across Alexandria are well informed. The School Board approved the new boundaries in January 2017.

The changes will affect 474 students who will be required to move schools in September 2018. Each school will have a school-based transition team that will consist of the principal, school counselor, nurse and PTA representative. Schools will be hosting multiple open houses and meet and greets in spring and summer before the changes go into effect.

The transition plan also informs families of options for early transition during the 2017-18 school year through redistricting transfers. The goal is to allow those students who have to move in fall 218, the opportunity to move earlier if there is sufficient space at the school to which they would be moving.

In addition, ACPS will be ensuring that all households across Alexandria are informed of the changes whether or not they have students in Alexandria City Public Schools.

See the Redistricting page on the ACPS website for a link to the meeting agenda item for the Redistricting Implementation Plan.

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