Student Course Registration Goes Online for 2017-18

The list of academic courses for 2017-18 is now published and the process of academic advisement and course selection is now under way.

Students and their parents can access the list of courses through the Program of Studies, available in print in schools and also online. They will also have a chance to discuss these courses with school counselors as part of the Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) process.

This year, ACPS is implementing an electronic course registration process for students who are currently in grades 6 through 11, and for some students in grade 5 at a few pilot elementary schools.

The new electronic process allows school counselors to spend more time meeting with students, advising them about courses options and assisting families as they make informed decisions with their student(s). It provides a more efficient way to serve our students and families and will, over time, eliminate paper course request forms.

Academic advisement begins in early February and extends to early April. Parents and students can learn more about the courses available and about the course sequencing needed to meet graduation requirements in the Program of Studies.

Using Naviance, the online success planning tool used by middle and high schools students, each student should (1) complete their course requests with their parents using the online course request form, (2) complete a career assessment and (3) set three goals before meeting with their school counselor. Students can also conduct college and career exploration activities on the Naviance website using login information received from their counselor.

Once course requests have been made, school counselors will meet individually with students to review their requests in Naviance and create a proposed schedule in PowerSchool / ACPS Academic Access (AAA). This meeting is an important part of the ICAP process. It provides an opportunity for the school counselor and student to ensure the student is on track to meet graduation requirements and to explore post-secondary options based on the student’s interests.

After the proposed schedule has been entered into PowerSchool, parents will be able to view the courses through their PowerSchool account and can contact their child’s school counselor with questions.

During this process, Jefferson-Houston School, Francis C. Hammond and George Washington Middle Schools and T.C. Williams High School will hold a variety of informational sessions and elective fairs. Please be sure to check your school calendar, school newsletter and Blackboard for upcoming events taking place as early as next week.

Course schedules will be finalized in late spring. Students will receive their final schedule for the upcoming school year in mid-August. If changes are needed to course schedules after the completion of the initial process, families should contact their counselor.

We look forward working with families to ensure that every student has access to the information and tools they need to meet their educational goals and to ensure that Every Student Succeeds.

You can access the Program of Studies online. If you would prefer a printed copy, please contact your school’s counseling office.

The T.C. Williams Annual Academic Open House and Electives Fair is taking place this Tuesday, February 7 at 5:30 p.m. All 8-11 grade students are encouraged to attend.

An informational session for parents will be held on Wednesday, February 15 at 9 a.m. in the auditorium at the King Street campus.

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