Two Options Currently Under Review in Redistricting Process

ACPS would like to thank all those who came out to speak at the Alexandria City School Board’s Redistricting Public Hearing this week. Two options are still under discussion for redistricting after the Redistricting Review Committee eliminated one more option at their meeting on Wednesday.

Options 8 and 9 are still under review. Option 7 was taken off the table after a ‘dot democracy’ exercise during which members of the Redistricting Review Committee placed red dots on the option they would like to eliminate.

The Redistricting Review Committee will make a recommendation of one or more maps or options to the School Board in the next few weeks. The School Board is currently scheduled to vote on redistricting on January 26, 2017.

Watch Wednesday’s Redistricting Review Committee meeting.

To see interactive maps or sign up for the redistricting email list, please go to the ACPS Redistricting web page.

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