Meeting the Needs of All Students through a Multi-Tier Support System

ACPS is committed to ensuring that there are many ways to help children learn and that those who need additional supports are successful. The Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) is one way we provide those supports to ensure that Every Student Succeeds as outlined in the ACPS 2020 Strategic Plan.

MTSS is a multi-step process of providing instruction and support to promote the academic and behavioral success of all children. Individual children’s progress is monitored and results are used to make decisions about further instruction and intervention.

MTSS is most commonly used in addressing reading, math and behavior, but it can also be used in other areas. The MTSS process is flexible and designed to meet the needs of students.


The key components of MTSS are that:

  • All children receive high-quality curriculum and instruction in the general education classroom (Tier I)
  • Universal screenings are used to help identify students who may need more support or other types of instruction
  • Teaching strategies or methods are research-based interventions that have been proven to be effective in helping children be more successful with academics or behavior
  • Progress monitoring is used as a way for teachers to take a snapshot of how children are doing on a specific skill.

When a child meets the goals developed by the school, the intervention is no longer needed and the child continues to receive support in the general education classroom.

When progress monitoring shows that a child is not responding to the intervention, another approach or intervention may be tried. However, when a higher level of support is needed, children are given individualized instruction that further focuses on supporting the skills they need to be successful learners (Tier III).

What if I think my child needs special education services?

If a parent or guardian believes that their child has a disability/exceptionality and needs special education services, they have a right to request an evaluation for these services.

Learn more about special education services available through the Anne R. Lipnick Special Education Family Resource Center.

Special thanks to KS Parent Information Resource Center (KPIRC) for the use of content from their “Family Guide to Multi-Tier System of Supports.” (English PDF | Spanish PDF)