On-Time Graduation Rate Continues Trend of Closing the Gap

T.C. Williams High School saw an increase across the board in on-time graduation rates for subgroups in data released by the State on Wednesday. The results provide additional evidence that Alexandria City Public Schools is closing the achievement gap.

The on-time graduation rate for Hispanic students, Black students and Students with Disabilities jumped three percentage points over the previous year. The on-time graduation rate for English Learners increased by seven percentage points over the same period. Students from Economically Disadvantaged households increased their graduation rate by two percentage points, while White Students increased their on-time graduation rate by one percentage point.

Overall, T.C. Williams saw a two percentage point increase in its on-time graduation rate for its four year cohort on Wednesday. A total of 82 percent of all students who started in ninth-grade at T.C. Williams High School in fall 2012 graduated within four years. This is the number the State uses when calculating the official graduation rate at the conclusion of the 2015-16 school year.

The four year graduation rate for 2016 is two percentage points higher than in 2015. The rate has fluctuated between 77 percent and 86 percent over the past nine years.

Dropout rates at T.C. Williams remained consistent with 2015 for all students, but saw decreases in the percentage of dropouts across Black (-2 percent), Hispanic (-2 percent), Students with Disabilities (-5 percent), English Learners (-2 percent) and Economically Disadvantaged (-1 percent).

Graduation Rate Graphic

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